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Did you pre-order OMMA's All Black Limited Edition Sensei Varsity Jacket?

Merch Review: The Latest in Varsity Jackets are Finally Here!

Product review!

We're about the review the OMMA All Black Varsity jacket.

We've spent years creating and branding designs for merchandise and the number one frustration with products in the market is that they haven’t met your needs.

This review will offer you the ins and outs of why OMMA's gear is just simply better than others in the market.

#1: Our First Impression. OMMA designs are sleek, sharp and

This all-black letterman jacket is our all-time top seller! This iconic All Black OMMA Sensei Varisty's style stands the test of time. This is the kind ofcustom leather jackets  that nevers go out of style. We wanted to design a timeless statement piece that screams "OMMA pride". With its classic design, premium materials, and versatility, a leather varsity jacket is a must-have for anyone

The Sensei Patch and other OMMA Patch Options are available to customize your look as well. Each patch's unique finish matches the texture of OMMA, bringing your favorite fight team to life.

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Choose your size: Size guide XXS XS S M L XL XXL 3XL

#2: How Have You Tested

Remember how much a solid Varsity jacket comes in handy and how much it can really help you out. If you are a parent did you know that a varsity jacket might be the very thing your child is wishing for secretly and you might have no clue? Did you know that varsity jackets are usually reserved and given out to members of sports teams only? A leather varsity jacket is a timeless piece of outerwear that has always been a staple of American collegiate style for over a century and this might just be the perfect gift for you or your children.

#3: Custom colors and embroidery.

You can Shop classic All Black Varsity jackets or buy our OMMA red varsity jackets in a wide range of colors. It's available in melton wool and genuine cowhide leather as well as in premium sheep leather.

Design your own black letter jackets in cotton twill, polyester satin, virgin black wool and sheep leather.

Heading #4: The Final Score. 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating. 5 out of 5 stars. 2 thumbs up.

Use hashtag "kamikaze" to receive a discount at checkout.

Remember to leave a comment, tag us when you wear it and share your experience with #TeamOMMA!


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